Segundo semestre de 2021.

Mudanças climáticas, pandemia, movimentos sociais. Tudo isso nos estimula a imaginar os impactos na sociedade, na economia, e também nos nossos relacionamentos.

Os pesquisadores da The Future Laboratory produziram um relatório com tendências para diversos setores da economia, e eu resumi aqui pra vocês, mantendo o inglês (idioma original do relatório), assim você aprende vocabulário novo e amplia seu repertório. Pra ajudar, tem um glossário com as palavras mais difíceis do texto.

  • Beauty

The beauty and wellness sectors continue to fuse following the rise of Recuperative Living, with brands focusing on cosmetics and personal care products that improve people’s moods, as well as feeding into their individual identities, beliefs and values. 

to fuse: to join together physically

mood: he way you feel at a particular time

  • Health & Wellness

With the home repositioned as a wellness sanctuary, health and wellness brands are responding with new digital tools and services. We explore new types of Virtual Sanctuaries that tap into tech to soothe anxious consumers. 

to tap into:   to manage to use something in a way that brings good results

to soothe: to make someone feel calm or less worried

  • Drink

Building on the themes of our Total Tastes macrotrend, drinks packaging, sustainability and surprising flavour combinations will advance in 2021. We also examine the novel drinking experiences emerging in the virtual realm and new directions for night-time sips.

realm: an area of interest or activitya country ruled by a king or queen

sips: a very small amount of a drink that you take into your mouth

  • Food

Urban Farm Futures will come to the fore, giving access to fresh fruit and vegetables no matter what the sociopolitical climate. Food-focused experiences will grow in the digital sphere, giving rise to Augmented Restaurants, while other diners will tune into food delivery concepts with an added slice of entertainment.

to come to the  fore:  to public attention or into a noticeable position

slice: part of something

  • Fashion

The fashion industry is taking a slower approach in 2021. Businesses are rethinking their supply chains to produce Agile Artisans – more connected and nimble creators from around the world. Consumers, too, are addressing their consumption habits, having more sustainable and ethical behaviour while enjoying a renaissance of craft and hobbies.

nimble:  quick and exact either in movement or thoughts

to address: to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem

  • Media, Technology & Fintech

As we enter 2021, consumers will start to address how technology affects not only our online lives but our future existence. Attention will turn to low-impact Interfaces, as netizens tackle their digital carbon footprints. 

netizen:  a person who uses the internet

to tackle: to try to deal with something or someone:


Escrito por Rose Souza e publicado na coluna semanal da Editado para o blog da Companhia de Idiomas e Verbify.


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